ArtHaulPH (AHPH) is an online directory and agency service that aims to connect artists, fans and friends through a shared online space.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected the livelihood of hundreds of Philippine-based artists, losing their sources of income due to events and conventions being postponed or cancelled. AHPH is a “virtual artist alley” that aims to replicate the convention experience online in order to help artists get by during this difficult time.

This is meant to be a tentative solution until the pandemic ends (hopefully soon!). Once the virus has cleared out and it becomes safe to hold gatherings again, this service may either maintain its functions or be re-purposed in the future. For now, we’ll do our best to promote as many artists as we can!

We’ll be using the hashtags #ArtHaulPH2020 and #AHPH2020 to support our artists.

Let’s work together to help keep the arts alive!



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