Agency Market

Some customers have stated that they prefer shopping at conventions vs ordering online so they can support as many artists as they can without shipping fees eating up their budget. ArtHaulPH (AHPH) Market aims to replicate this artist alley experience by giving customers an online platform to purchase from multiple artists while minimizing shipping costs. 

AHPH Market is NOT supposed to function as storefronts like Etsy or RedBubble. It’s a unique agency service featuring artists’ product catalogs where customers can browse and order through an agent. It shares a similar concept with multi-restaurant delivery apps like GrabFood and Food Panda which features multiple restaurant menus you can order from. You can order as many items as you want from as many artists as you want; an agent will be in charge of collecting, segregating and compiling orders then ship them out to the respective customers.

When will AHPH Agency Market be available?

As soon as the enhanced community quarantine has been lifted and couriers resume business, agency market will be made available for a limited number of people during the initial trial run. For now, let’s stay indoors and look after our health and safety!

How will this work?

Customers may place orders through AHPH if they wish to order from multiple artists and place them in the same package for single shipping! The agent will act as the middleman between the customers and artists.

View the FAQ and Terms of Service for more detailed information!

Why partner with ArtHaulPH?

ArtHaulPH aims to replicate the artist alley experience by allowing customers to order from multiple artists in a shared online space, maximizing their budget and minimizing shipping expenses!

The minimized shipping expense could entice more buyers to shop and increase online sales traffic for the artists!

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to send us a message through email or tumblr ask box!