Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

As of now, it’s supposed to be a tentative service that exists to support and assist artists whose livelihoods were affected due to cancellations of events & conventions brought by the COVID-19 community quarantine.

Once the virus has cleared out and it becomes safe to hold gatherings again, this service may either maintain its functions or be re-purposed in the future. We’re open to all kinds of possibilities!

Previous experience/expertise is not necessary to be part of the artist directory!

If you are an artist in the Philippines with an online shop, Patreon, webtoon, commission service etc. open, we’d be happy to feature you in the directory in hopes of increasing your online traffic!

All artist applications and image submissions will undergo thorough verification.

A copy/right-click/source protection is installed on the website to minimize chances of theft.

Artist’s promotional images and catalogs will be uploaded in the resolution submitted it in.

Responsibility of further protecting work such as adding watermarks, signatures or distortions will be solely on the artist/creator. AHPH will do no modifications or tampering to artist images and will upload them as is.

If you see any suspicious content on the website, you may report them by sending an email through the contact page!

If you wish to be included in the directory, you can fill up this form.

We are not looking for any more staff volunteers at the moment, but thank you very much to those who offered, we are very touched! We’ll post notices in the future if we will be needing assistance with managing AHPH, but for now we’re good!

Artist Directory FAQs

  1. Apply for the directory through this form.
  2. Applications will be placed on queue for screening. As long as the submission has followed the rules and guidelines stated in the form, your listing should be up in the directory within 24-72 hours
  3. If you do not receive a response within 24-72 hours or if you are given approval yet your entry is not visible in the website, kindly send me a message in the contact form or email us at

You do not need to pay anything to be part of the artist directory. It’s absolutely FREE!

You can include your online shops, patreon, gumroad, webtoon, ko-fi, commission service etc. to help promote your current means of income. ArtHaulPH exists to help you get your name and business out there in the absence of our postponed events!

Agency Market FAQs

Currently unavailable due to enhanced community quarantine. Local courier services are suspended.

Some customers have stated that they prefer shopping at conventions vs ordering online so they can support as many artists as they can without shipping fees eating up their budget. ArtHaulPH (AHPH) Market aims to replicate this artist alley experience by giving customers an online platform to purchase from multiple artists while minimizing shipping costs. 

AHPH Market is NOT supposed to function as storefronts like Etsy or RedBubble. It’s a unique agency service featuring artists’ product catalogs where customers can browse and order through an agent. It shares a similar concept with multi-restaurant delivery apps like GrabFood and Food Panda which features multiple restaurant menus you can order from. You can order as many items as you want from as many artists as you want; an agent will be in charge of collecting, segregating and compiling orders then ship them out to the respective customers.


  1. Customers browse, order and pay for items they want based on the artist catalogs available.
  2. The agent will collect the order information, customer information and payment for a certain period of time (at most 1 week).
  3. By the end of the week, order information and payments will be forwarded to each respective artist
  4. Artists will pack up the necessary stock and deliver it to the agent. An allowance of one week will be given to ship out these items to the agent (may be adjusted depending on the volume of orders).
  5. Agent will sort and pack the items. How long this will take will depend on the volume of orders.
  6. Agent will ship out the items. Tracking information will be sent to each customer and artist.

You do not need to send any payment to list your catalogs on the market, but you will be charged a 3% commission fee* per order through the agency service depending on the type of purchase:

*fee might be adjusted once service becomes available

Individual Orders vs Shared Orders:

  • Individual Orders – when the customer bought your items ONLY. In this case, you would be given the choice to pack and ship the items yourself (no fee) OR let the agent pack and ship the items for you (w/ fee).
  • Shared Orders – when the customer purchased your items along with other artists’ items. You will be charged the 3% fee.

What is the fee for?
It will pay for the agents’ labor of sorting, packing, compiling and distributing your merchandise for you! You may adjust your prices to make up for the fee.

Make sure that your items are ready for distribution i.e. agent will not be responsible for decorative packing such as adding business cards, backing cards or labels to your merchandise. You may opt to ship bulk stock or pre-pack your items

  • Bulk Stock: artist will ship the necessary stock items in bulk to the agent then they will be in charge of sorting it per customer.
  • Pre-packing: artist will pack the items individually per customer; allows you to toss in any freebies or notes unique to each customer.
We will try to minimize waste by using recyclable materials as much as possible to pack the merchandise such as catalog envelopes, cardboard, glassine paper etc. These will be placed inside the standard shipping pouches provided by the couriers.
  1. Self-made/self-designed merchandise ONLY. You cannot use this platform to sell/resell merchandise that isn’t yours or not made by you. Likewise, bootleg and counterfeit consumer goods are not allowed to be sold through here as well.
  2. Original and Fan works are both welcome!
  3. On-hand stock or readily available items ONLY i.e. what you were supposed to sell in the convention if it weren’t postponed. The agent will not be producing any items for you.
  4. Cosplay-related merchandise are allowed, as long as it’s in the form of printed or small crafted merchandise/accessories only. No selling of costumes or props allowed.
  1. For printed items such as posters and books, the maximum size allowed is A4/Letter size.
  2. Small-scale items are allowed like charms, button pins, accessories, pouches etc.
  3. Medium-sided items such as shirts and tote bags are allowed given that they are pre-folded.
  4. Large, bulky items such as sweaters, pillows and plushies are NOT allowed to be sold through the agency market because it might not fit in the standard courier pouches especially if it gets ordered with other items.
  5. You can opt to ask your suppliers to send your merchandise to the agent, kindly discuss details with us first!

Read the terms of service for more detailed information.