Policies and Terms of Service

Written March 24, 2020; No modifications have been made so far.

I. ArtHaulPH Directory:

A. Applications

  1. In order to become a part of ArtHaulPH directory, the artist must submit an application through the join request form.
  2. Only submissions through the form will be acknowledged; Any information and submissions that is NOT submitted through the form will be ignored and/or rejected.
  3. No payment will be required or charged to the artists to become part of the artist directory.

B. Directory Information/Content

  1. Any information submitted through the join request form will be listed in the directory
  2. Personal information of the artists are NOT allowed to be used, shared or displayed through ArtHaulPH unless stated otherwise by the artist themselves.
  3.  Artists are allowed to make changes with their information, withdraw their consent and/or request temporary or permanent removal from the directory any time.
  4. Artists may promote their portfolios, commission information, online shops, Patreon etc. featuring their own works of art to promote their means of income.
  5. All featured images/merchandise/artworks MUST be made by artist. ArtHaulPH is not a platform for selling/reselling licensed goods or bootlegged/counterfeit goods.
C. Image Usage
  1. All rights of the images and works featured in ArtHaulPH belongs solely to the respective artists/creators unless stated otherwise.
  2. A copy/right-click/source protection is installed on the website to minimize chances of theft
  3. Images will uploaded in the quality and resolution as submitted by the artists. Responsibility of further protecting work such as adding watermarks, signatures or distortions will be solely on the artist/creator.
  4. AHPH will do no modifications or tampering to artist images/works and will upload them as submitted.
 D. Disclaimer
  1. ArtHaulPH is not affiliated with the events, conventions and organizations listed in the website unless stated otherwise. Event categories are used for sorting and filtering purposes only.
  2. ArtHaulPH Directory is only a means to link artists together. Under no circumstances is ArtHaulPH responsible for how the artists work or run their businesses. If any customers or clients have any issues or conflict with any artist listed in the website, they will be redirected to transact directly with the artists themselves.

II. ArtHaulPH Agency Market:

Agency Market services are currently unavailable due to enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). Local courier services are suspended so there is currently no means to safely ship the merchandise. The following Terms of Services and Policies will apply once ECQ has been lifted and Agency Market resumes business.

A. Limited initial batch

  1. 1 slot = 1 artist
  2. Agency Market system is limited to 30 slots only at first just to see how well this works out before being expanded and made available for other artists. Directory system is open to all with no limit.
  3. All similar items will be placed in one listing per artist.
  4. Artists are allowed to have one or several other shops active aside from their participation in this marketplace; artists must make sure they will have enough stock allotted to provide for both.

B. Communication

  1. Whether you are an artists or a customer, you must be available for easy contact & are willing to openly communicate.
  2. Primary source of contact will be through emails (info@arthaulph.com) for archiving purposes.
  3. The agent may require you to provide alternative means of contact e.g. email, social media, discord, phone number etc.
  4. The agent will try to respond immediately to inquiries please allow at most 24-48 hours of window time to respond. Please do not hesitate to send a follow-up if you do not receive a response within 48 hours.
  5. Failure to communicate effectively, will result in being removed from your participation in the agency market. Any existing market orders will then be refunded to the customers immediately.

C. Merchandise

  1. Self-made/self-designed merchandise ONLY. Artists cannot use this platform to sell/resell merchandise that isn’t theirs or not made by them. Likewise, bootleg and counterfeit consumer goods are not allowed to be sold through here as well.
  2. Original and Fan works are welcome!
  3. On-hand stock or readily available items ONLY i.e. what you were supposed to sell in the convention if it weren’t postponed. The agent will not be producing any items for you nor will make the customers wait too long a time for items to be produced.
  4. For prints, maximum size allowed is A4/Letter size
  5. Unconventional items such as shirts, tote bags, omanjuus and pouches are also allowed. Please make sure to pre-fold & individually package the items.
  6. Bulky items such as pillows and plushies are to be discussed between the agent and the artist. If it’s too large, it might not be allowed in the marketplace because it might not fit in the standard courier pouches if it gets ordered with other items.
  7. Artists can opt to ask their suppliers to send their merchandise directly to the agent, kindly discuss details with us first!
  8. Upon forwarding to artists the list of orders, they will be given one week to ship out the items to the agent. If there any delays, kindly inform AHPH immediately.
  9. If artists are not able to ship out the items to agent on time, the artist will be removed from the market listings then customers will be refunded for any existing purchases.

D. Pricing, Fees and Payment Arrangements

  1. The agent will cover for necessary fees to maintain the website such as the domain and web host.
  2. Registering for the agency market will incur a commission fee of around 3% (negotiable) depending on the type of sale. This will pay for the agent’s labor of sorting, packing, compiling and distributing the artists’ merchandise for you!
    • Individual Orders – when the customer purchased items from one artist ONLY. In this case, the artist would be given the choice to either pack and ship the items themselves directly to the customer (no fee) OR let the agent pack and ship the items for them (w/ fee).
    • Shared Orders – when the customer purchased your items from more than one artist. Artists will be charged the commission fee.
  3. Shipping fees for stock items (from artist to agent) will be covered by the artist.
  4. Shipping fees per purchase (from agent to customer) will be covered by the customer.
  5. Only 50% of the total payments will be sent to the artist upon submitting to them the list of customer information & orders. The remaining 50% will be released to the artist once the stock has arrived to the agent.

E. Product Catalog

  1. Each artist is responsible for making their own product catalog.
  2. Artists must properly name their items in their catalogs to indicate:
    1. Name of artist/circle
    2. Price
    3. Character name/item number
  3. Artists must provide necessary product information:
    1. Size/dimensions – this will help the agent determine the estimated shipping costs of the goods. e.g. 2.25 inch button pins, 2.5 inch charms, A4 prints etc.
    2. Color, texture, material etc. – optional, will be added to the item descriptions to entice customers to purchase
    3. Promos & freebies – if you intend to give promotional goods, kindly discuss this with the agent first.
  4. Artists are in complete control of how/what to price their goods. However to ease workflow for the agent, AHPH would like to request to keep the price of similar items as uniform as possible e.g. if you have multiple badge pin designs, it would be preferred if you set the same price for all of them.

F. Adult Content

  1. Adult content will be defined as any item that features Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content including but not limited to nudity, violence, gore and pornography.
  2. Artists are prohibited to sell adult content to minors (aged 18 years old and below).
  3. Artists with NSFW content are required to make a separate catalog for their NSFW items. The NSFW Catalogs will NOT be available for public viewing, these may be placed on a password-protected page.

G. Packaging

  1. We will try to minimize waste by using mostly paper-based and recyclable materials
  2. We will use cardboard/chipboards as support for paper-based merchandise such as prints.
  3. Materials to be used will be factored in the costs for shipping fee charged to the customers.

H. Store Policies

  1. Refunds, returns & exchanges
    1. All sales are FINAL.
    2. Package errors due to store negligence such as incorrect/ incomplete/ missing/ damaged goods then refunds, returns or exchanges may be negotiated.
    3. Package errors due to customer negligence such as incorrect  address, incorrect contact information, no one at home to receive the item, and failure to read thoroughly the item descriptions will NOT be entitled to refunds, returns or exchanges.
  2. Purchasing and Shipping policies
    1. All purchases through the Online Art Fair will be for personal use only; OAF does not allow nor condone bulk purchasing for the purpose of profiting off our artists’ work.
    2. Once the item has been surrendered to the courier for shipping and the tracking number has been given to the customer, it is no longer under the responsibility of the artists nor the agents. Orders with delivery delay or loss of packages in the courier system are no longer under our jurisdiction and therefore will not be liable for refunds, returns or exchanges.

I. Item Liability

  1. The artists are solely liable for the quality of their own merchandise.
    1. Decorative aspects such as individual item packaging, labelling, backing cards, business cards etc. will be made and provided by you i.e. it is not the agent’s job to make your merchandise presentable
    2. If you have any promos or freebies make sure to inform the agent in advance so that the items are packed correctly
    3. Make sure that your items are well-packed when you send it to the agent to avoid damages. Any customer that comes to give feedback or concerns about a specific item will be redirected to the artist immediately.
  2. The agent will be responsible for segregating and packing the items.
  3. Once the item has been shipped, responsibility of the package is now in the care of the courier. Any customer with concerns regarding delays or errors in shipment will be advised to contact the courier’s customer support.

If you have any questions you may read the FAQ, send a Tumblr Ask, or send an email